Apple iPhone Repair Parts

Apple iPhone Diagnostics

Before each repair, the diagnosis of your Apple iPhone repair replacement is carried out in our specialist workshop. There the current state of your mobile phone is examined and a complete analysis and error analysis is carried out. The separately reserved diagnostic costs are covered by a contractually agreed after-repair. You receive a one-month quality guarantee for built-in repairs and spare parts and can send your Apple iPhone of all models to us via DHL. If you book online with us through the website, you will receive an order confirmation email for the Apple iPhone XS Max diagnosis.

Apple iPhone XS repair options after diagnosis:

Repair Apple iPhone XR screen

When repairing LCDs and touchscreens, the entire display unit of the Apple iPhone X is replaced by an original Apple display. This repair, e.g. B. Your iPhone XS crashed and the screen was damaged (screen or glass broken, broken, or torn), your Apple iPhone 8 has errors, or the screen remains black and stops responding. Then you should have your Apple iPhone 8 Plus screen replaced by iPhone experts quickly and inexpensively.

Apple iPhone 6 battery replacement

If you have problems with the battery performance with the Apple iPhone 6S (the battery (s) are quickly discharged or no longer properly charged or will never be charged), you should iPhone experts the batteries of your iPhone Replace SE or have it replaced professionally.

Apple iPhone X battery cover / back + repair back cover of the middle frame

If the back cover of the Apple iPhone XS (back of the device / battery compartment) is damaged / torn or crashed when it falls, the rear cover of the iPhone 8 Plus + in the middle frame must be repaired / replaced be. </ p>

Apple iPhone SE Lightning Connector

For example, if you have problems charging your iPhone 5S or can no longer connect to the charging cable (Lightning connection), the Apple iPhone 5 Lightning Connector connection needs to be repaired.


Apple iPhone XS Max front camera (selfie)

If your iPhone 6S Plus front camera is dirty or no longer works properly, you need to change the front of your Apple iPhone 5C camera.

Repair Apple iPhone X Max rear view camera

In the event of dirt (dust, sand, etc.) or a malfunction of your Apple iPhone 7 rear view camera, your iPhone 8 on the back must be repaired or replaced.

Apple iPhone 10 camera glass lens

If the glass of the camera lens of your Apple iPhone X shows cracks, we can repair / replace the lens of your iPhone XS + Plus.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus speakers

If you no longer hear any sound or poor sound through your speakers, your Apple iPhone 6S Plus speaker must be repaired or replaced.

Apple iPhone 8 Plus Standby (on / off button)

Apple iPhone XR If you can no longer turn the power switch on and off or put it into standby mode, you need to fix the standby switch.

Apple iPhone 11 volume control

If you cannot adjust the volume of your Apple iPhone 6 by pressing a button on the controller, your Apple iPhone 6 Plus + needs to be repaired.

Apple iPhone XS Pro microphone

If you have problems speaking to the Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max (the other person is hearing / not hearing you badly), this is usually due to a malfunction of your Apple iPhone X microphone. </ p>

Apple iPhone 11 headset

If you no longer hear or understand the person you are calling, your Apple iPhone 11 headset needs to be replaced.

Apple iPhone 6S WiFi antenna

If your Apple iPhone 7 has poor WLAN reception or no WLAN reception, the antenna of the iPhone 4 must be replaced / repaired.

Apple iPhone X data recovery

In order to access data or temporarily replace defective parts, Apple iPhone XR data must be restored if various parts need to be removed.

Apple iPhone 5 Vibration

If vibration is turned on, but you can’t find any vibration, you need to fix your Apple iPhone 6 Vibration Engine.

Apple iPhone 4S blocked SIM card

If you insert a wrong SIM card in your Apple iPhone 3 or cannot remove it, we may remove your blocked SIM card.

Apple iPhone 8 data backup

If you want to backup your Apple iPhone SE, select the data backup.

Apple iPhone SE cleaning and disinfection

Cleaning and disinfection can do everything if individual parts are dirty or get stuck on your Apple iPhone 10